The Truth about Angela Sladen


I am a bit of a nutrition freak and somewhat of a fitness fanatic.  Not to say that I look like a body builder or anything, but I am careful what I eat and I make it my aim to exercise everyday…I make sure I move, at least at a moderately intense level, everyday.

If we were sitting across from each other, which I hope one day we will, these may be some of the things you’d learn about me:

Who is Angela Sladen?

Well…I am:

–  crazy committed to my 10 kids (5 biological & 5 foster)

–  have a deep and intimate relationship with Jesus

–  love to spoil my 10 beautiful grandchildren

– overly optimistic (a bit of a risk taker…OK…a BIG risk taker…but what is life if you don’t live it?)

–  eternal entrepreneur and business creator.

–  happily  healthy

– devoted to serving the less fortunate

–  a world traveler

– always open to new friendships

– love to play Sequence, Ueker and Scrabble

– thoroughly enjoy a glass of red wine and dark chocolate pretty much everyday

– love being here with you!

 Why are you so passionate about health?

I just love the way being healthy feels!  The way it looks is secondary although it is really nice to be able to pretty much wear anything you like.

I’ve always been active: school sports, building forts, and traveling from port to port!  Active is just fun!  It’s freedom.  It’s life in action.

My mom fed us kids (myself and two sisters) pretty well.  We did eat margarine and white bread before we knew how bad it was for you.  But I remember cuddling up on the couch on Friday nights with a BIG bowl of green salad with mom’s homemade oil and vinegar dressing followed by an even BIGGER bowl of popcorn all while we watched The Tommy Hunter Show.  The good ‘ol days!

In high school I found I really enjoyed Biology, particularly Human Anatomy and Physiology.  It still fascinates me!  I mean, what other “machine” works as amazingly as the human body?  None!!

When I became a mom I tried to follow as healthy a lifestyle as I knew how to.  No white bread, no margarine, limited sugar, no juices, made them eat 3 fruit a day and eat lots of vegies, take vitamins and cod liver oil, etc.  My kids still talk about me standing over a big pot of oatmeal in the morning (big because I had 10 kids to feed) with my hair in a pony tail and in my housecoat.  They said I looked like a witch stirring her brew…lovely, eh?  Well, they thank me now.  Two of my daughters are moms with their own kids and are following in my footsteps.  My other kids…well, time will tell.  At the very least they are all healthy and had a very good start in life.

What Qualifies You To Talk to Me About Health, Wellness and Fitness?

When my kids were a bit older I decided to follow my passion and take some nutrition courses.  Well, one course lead to another to another to another…before you knew it I was a full fledged Certified Nutritional Consultant, Registered Sports Nutrition Advisor and Weight Management Specialist.  I began a small home based doing Nutritional Consulting over the phone with over 300 clients in North America and thoroughly loved it!

When we moved to Sherwood Park, AB, I put my kids in school (I home schooled for 13 years) and opened a women’s fitness and nutrition centre 5 months later.  It was then that I became a personal trainer.  It seemed like the perfect marriage to me!  Through the gym I helped hundreds of women lose weight, keep it off and get in the best shape of their lives.  I learned a ton of great life and business lessons running the gym for 4 years but I got bored.  I had no more room to expand and no more programs to create.

After I sold the gym, I took a bit of a break from personal training/nutritional consulting and built another business, still based around health, but also with the anti-aging component.

I’ve written several articles for a few magazines and do quite a bit of blogging.  My passion is passing on the information and experience I’ve had in the health, wellness and anti-aging industry.

Now, full circle, I am a re-certified personal trainer and going for the next level of Nutritional Consulting.  Isn’t life grand?!

So, in answer to your questions, lots of education and life experience: personally and helping other people.

What Else Have You Done?

In the last year of owning the fitness centre, I became a business partner with a friend and we started publishing a business women’s magazine locally.  After a year we started expanding and sold licenses in several other cities in the province.  I worked on the magazine for 2 annual issues and then moved on.  Again, it was a great learning experience but I discovered that publishing, other than online, just isn’t my passion.

I’ve owned rental properties but soon found out I don’t like being a landlord either.

I owned several (20) vending machines and had my kids help me twice a week fill them and collect the money…well not all of if, a lot of product was actually stolen from the machines.  Not my thing.

I taught piano for 10 years and Kindermusik for 2.  I didn’t particularly like working with children (and adults) that didn’t practice.  I have my grade 10 Royal Conservatory and still play occasionally.  Mostly for pleasure.  Although I prefer to listen to my husband, he plays absolutely beautifully without ever having taken a lesson.  Kind of P’s me off, actually…to be so lucky to not have had to practice endless hours and pee your pants in front of lots of people while performing.  Not really.  I am very happy he plays the way he does.  It is a gift and a joy to listen to.

Angela FinalI think that’s if, folk.  I hope that gives you a little glimpse into my life…crazy at it seems, I LOVE my life and I love EVEN more sharing it with you!

I bless you with health, happiness and wholeness: body, soul and spirit.

Angela Sladen


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