The Dramatic Change In the Last 20 Years

I have been in the health and wellness industry for over 20 years and I have seen some dramatic changes in my client’s results.

In the beginning…

I was taught that the answer to weight loss and optimum health was totally dependent on the food we eat and the amount of exercise we engage in and a minimum of 90% of my clients were able to achieve results within a couple weeks by eating properly and beginning to exercise.


That “Gut” Feeling

Did you know that…

  • your gut is your biggest immune system?
  • 90% of your serotonin (your happy hormone) is produced in your gut?
  • your gut affects your brain function?
  • your gut has it’s own nervous system?
  • your gut is referred to as your second brain?


These Fats Help You Lose Fat + So Much More

The “fat-free” craze has done nothing except make people fatter, less intelligent, age more quickly, less healthy,  more prone to depression,  and more likely to get cancer and heart disease.

Let’s take a look at what the proper fats, polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats, do for you:


What To Do to Avoid the Flu

Once you’ve got it, you’ve got it.  It has to work its way through your system.  So the best thing to do is to avoid it all together.

How do you avoid getting the flu?  You choose to eat the foods and take the supplements that fight the viruses A, B, & C that cause the flu and take other precautions as well.  The flu vaccine is the last thing you should consider as your main defense.

The flu is highly contagious. It is spread when you either breathe in the air (spread when an infected person coughs or sneezes) or when you touch an infected person’s (by kissing, touching, sharing objects such as spoons and forks). You can also pick up, or spread, the flu virus with your hands by touching smooth surfaces such as doorknobs, handles, television remotes, computer keyboards, and telephones and then touch your hands to your nose, eyes, or mouth.




The first thing you can do to avoid the flu is to stay away from people who are coughing or sneezing and do not share any utensils, etc. with them.  Also, be very diligent, even obsessive, about washing your hands several times a day and do not put your hands on your nose, eyes or mouth, especially if you have not washed them in awhile.  If you are out and about, carry hand sanitizer with you at all times and keep it in your car.





The other thing you can do is build a strong foundation of “flu-fighters” by eating foods that contain the nutrients that your body needs to feed those little “flu-fighters”.

Make a point of implementing at least one of these everyday into your menu…shouldn’t be hard as they are all yummy!




In addition to eating properly, I recommend you take the following supplements that specifically help your body fight the flu:

1.  Echinacia
2.  Zinc
3.  Vitamin D
4.  Vitamin C

Ideally, the above should be taken together in a top quality multi-vitamin/mineral.  CLICK HERE to review my recommendation for the optimal mulit-vitamin/mineral.


To your health,







Ultimate Nutrient Density

Ultimate health and weight management is all about nutrient density:  the largest amount of nutrients you can get into the least amount of calories possible.

The way to know which foods have the highest number of nutrients/calorie is to look at it’s ANDI (aggregate nutrient density score).

Here are the top 50 Nutrient Density foods:

If you focus on incorporating as many of these top 50 scoring foods into your diet everyday, I guarantee that you will greatly increase your health AND lose weight if you need to.

There are 50 foods listed.  Why not choose to eat at least 4 different ones a day?  By the end of 2 weeks you will have eaten all 50 of them and will feel better and look better.

Here is a great option for incorporating as many of the top 50 scoring foods in your day as possible…smoothies or shakes!

Besides the above reason for including smoothies/shakes in your day, here are several others:

nutrient dense foods

  1. Quick to make.
  2. Convenient.
  3. Easily transportable.
  4. Can be made ahead of time to bring with you to work or on errands.
  5. Can prevent you from stopping in for some fast food when you are hungry.
  6. Can be made in so many different ways you never have to get bored.
  7. Can satisfy your craving for chocolate or dessert.
  8. Are filling.

Looking for some great smoothie/shake recipes?  Click Here for Recipes. 

To your health and long-term wellness,




Protein Basics

Protein is King in the body.

Why is protein necessary?  How much do you need?  What are the best sources and what if I don’t eat meat?


Ante Up with Antioxidants

Antioxidants; the word that was popularized and brought to public awareness by Dr. Lester Packer,  the world’s foremost antioxidant research scientist who wrote the first “layman’s” book on antioxidants, “The Antioxidant Miracle”.

So what are antioxidants and why do we need them:  what benefit do they deliver for us?  Great question!  I’m glad you asked!  🙂 Just take a look at all these benefits!

ante up on antioxidants  

How do antioxidants work?  Antioxidants basically roam around the body and eat up all the bad guys called free radicals.  Free radicals are nasty little guys that try to mess up all your healthy cells by making them weak and them having them duplicate themselves as weak cells.  Give it a couple of years and you’ve got a whole body full of weak cells.  Weak cells mean more suseptability to sickness and disease and the dreaded 6 letter word…cancer.

antioxidantsOxidative stress causes free radicals.  Oxidative stress is a natural process in the body.  As old cells die there is a small percentage of free radicals produced in the process.  This is normal and not to be concerned about as our bodies natural defense system takes care of this.   It is the over abundance of oxidative stress that we need to be concerned about and take precautionary measures to help reduce.

The extra free radicals from this additional oxidative stress can come from bad dietary habits, over exercising, stress, pollution, emotional distress, poor sleeping patterns, poor quality of water, and unresolved anger.  In short, oxidative stress and the free radicals it produces causes us to age earlier than we have to and opens the doors to many health issues.  Here is a list of at least 39 deadly diseases that have been positively linked to free radical damage.



 Do YOU KNOW how healthy you really are?

If you take supplements, how do you know if they are really working?

You CAN know in 90 seconds how healthy you are, or aren’t, and if the supplements you are presently taking are actually doing what they say will do do.

Click on the picture to the right to watch Dr. Oz and the “ultimate nutritional lie detector”.


antioxidantsWhere can I get more antioxidants from?  Antioxidants are found in all fruits and vegetables.  Every color of fruit and vegetable is pretty much a type of antioxidant which is why it is a very good idea to eat a wide variety of colors to ensure you are getting as many different antioxidants as possible.

If you over exercise (more than an hour a day) or are exposed to a lot of stress, pollution, or are going through a lot emotionally, you need to ante up with more antioxidants.



It is very difficult to consume enough fruits and vegetables to get optimum levels of antioxidants.  It is my recommendation that you take a “scanner certified” supplement.  Contact me for more information about how to get your own “antioxidant” protection.

Always remember…Eat to Live don’t Live to Eat!


The Path to Healing and Health

Your body is designed to heal itself.  It is actually quite incredible when you really think about it…I mean really think about it.

In order for your body to begin the journey to healing and health it has to be in the right environment and have the right tools; an un-inflamed environment and provided with enough vitamins, minerals, fats, phytonutrients, water, etc.

Let’s look at inflammation first.

Inflammation is a good thing when the body is responding to an injury or infection.  It’s role is to protect the tissue and bring blood and immunity to the area of trouble.

Chronic inflammation, however, is not good.  It damages body tissues and leads to illness.  A body that is inflamed cannot begin the healing process.  It needs a break.  It needs to rest.  It’s kind of like being in a constant state of panic.  Can you imagine how exhausting that would be for you emotionally to constantly be in a state of panic?  This is similar to your body being in a constant state of inflammation.

What causes chronic inflammation?

1.  Stress
2.  Lack of exercise
3. Poor genetic expression
4.  Exposure to toxins such as cigarette smoke, environmental toxins, pesticides, herbicides, etc.
5. Poor diet, fast foods and sugar
6.  Emotional tension.

This chart is complimentary of Monterey Bay Holistic.

What can you do to avoid or fix chronic inflammation so your body can begin on the path of  healing and health?

1.  Learn how to manage stress properly…not a glass of wine.  🙂  Try going for a walk, talking to a friend, helping someone less fortunate than yourself, doing yoga, reading a good book, play an instrument, take up a hobby…do anything you LOVE to do.

2.  Start moving!  Practice N.E.A.T.  and incorporate at least 30 minutes of planned movement into your day, every day.

3. Don’t let your genes be an excuse for illness or dis-eases!  Your genes DO NOT have to determine your future health.  More about that coming soon…

4.  Quit smoking.  Do not work in a toxic environment or at least do everything in your power to clean it up; get an air purifier, open windows for fresh air, etc.  Eat organic foods.  Drink purified water.

5.  Eat at least 6 servings of fruits and vegetables a day.  A serving is one piece of fruit or 1 cup of veggies or cut up fruit.  Also, gluten and wheat are incredibly inflammation producing foods.  Avoid them if you can.

6.  Get rid of the toxic people in your life.  If you can’t then at least read some books or take a course on how to deal with difficult people and do not let them get under your skin.

OK, let’s take a look at the tools your body needs to heal itself and get healthy.

Can you imagine starting to build a house without the proper tools.  Perhaps you have no nails so you use twigs.  Perhaps you have no concrete so you use clay.  Silly, isn’t it?  And yet this is what we do to our bodies every day.

Here are the main tools you need to heal yourself and get healthy:

1.  Water; at least 8 cups a day.
2.  Vitamins, minerals, pytonutrients and antioxidants; from fruits and veggies and a superb quality supplement.  If you want information about a certified supplement, let me know.
3.  Carbohydrates; primarily from your fruits, veggies and grains.
4.  Protein; eggs, organic meats, dairy, legumes, beans.
5.  Fats; avocados, fish, supplements.

Give your body a break from inflammation….and keep it away!
Give your body the tools it needs to heal itself and watch the magic begin!
Your body, your mind and your emotions will thank you for years to come!

Stronger Resolution

I have a stronger resolution to educate, encourage and empower others to live a healthy and well life.

As I was in a shuttle on my way back home this past weekend from 3 days of learning from our company’s Chief Scientific Officer and many other incredible business leaders, I had a conversation with the driver of the shuttle; a beautiful young mom and recent gastric bypass surgery patient.  She has lost 250 pounds in the last year after her surgery.  This is the second young lady (under 30) that I’ve heard the same story from in the last 2 months.    Both ladies said that if they had the proper education, support and encouragement, they would have opted to lose weight and get healthy the proper way.  What is required of them now after the surgery is far more difficult than if they had only learned how to eat and what to eat before.  This broke my heart.

With all the scads of information out there I didn’t really understand how someone would not have everything they need to lose weight and become healthy.  I realize after 15 years of nutritional consulting and 10 years of personal training that it is not the education that changes people, it is the behavour modification coaching, accountability practices and continual support and encouragement that changes people.

   It is true that there is a very small percentage of the population (under 3%) that do manage to take control of their weight and health all on their own.  The rest of us, whether we like it or not, need someone to help keep us accountable and encourage us to keep moving forward regardless of how fast or slow we are moving toward the goal we’ve set for ourselves.

These truths apply not only to losing weight and getting healthy but also to all of life.  We need each other. We need people to help us.  We need to be humble enough to admit we can not do it by ourselves.  You will know if you are not one of the 3% of the population that does not need the above if you’ve tried several times to reach your weight goals and have failed.

My goal with all my one-on-one clients is to provide not only helpful, applicable information for their overall health, but also to provide tools, support, encouragement and accountability.  My promise to you is that I will be there for you even when you are struggling and don’t believe in yourself.  I am only a phone call away.

I encourage you to step out in faith that you CAN do it, CONACT me and get started TODAY!

I also encourage you to find a friend that you can partner with in your journey.  Someone you can trust to stay positive even when you are not.  Someone who loves you regardless of your performance.  If you don’t have that person, I will be that person.

Today truly is the first day of the rest of your life…
what direction are you choosing to take?

The Secret of the Law of Signatures

The Law of Signatures, otherwise known as The Doctrine of Signatures or  Teleological Nutritional Targeting is the amazing relationship between the “signature” (particular attributes) of fruits, vegetables, and herbs and how they relate to the body part(s) they help.

Understanding The Law of Signatures is an intuitive approach to the knowledge of how food relates to our health and well-being.

Here are a few examples:

Walnuts:  the “brain-boosting” nut.  Adding walnuts to your diet may help boost your memory according to a new Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease report. Researchers found that eating walnuts was associated with better memory and brain function. The antioxidants in walnuts may help counteract age-related cognitive decline and even reduce the risk of neurodegenerative diseases, including Alzheimer’s.

Avocados: Resembling the uterus targets the female reproductive system. It takes exactly nine months to ripen an avocado to ripened fruit. According to research, when a woman eats one avocado a week, it helps to balances hormones, sheds unwanted birth weight, and prevents cervical cancers. It is also a good source of folic acid, which decreases the risk of uterine dysplasia—a precancerous condition.


Tomatoes:  Lycopene, the bright red carotene found in tomatoes, decreases the risk of cardiovascular diseases. By adding a bit of fat to your tomatoes—toss them with olive oil or mix with avocado—the amount of lycopene digested by your body will increase tenfold.


Green Grapes:  Very effective for helping asthma, as the assimilatory benefits of grapes make the lungs more moist, opening bronchial tubes and making it far easier to breathe overall. Also helpful for aiding in getting over a cold or cough due to blocked airways, and helps to get rid of and break up mucous in the body while you are sick. Drinking grape juice can open your airways and help improve your lung function either due to asthma-related issues of a cough or cold.


Red Grapes: Help the heart by raising the nitric oxide levels in the blood. This helps to prevent blood clots, which keeps heart attacks and strokes at bay. Furthermore, the antioxidants in grapes help prevent the oxidation of bad cholesterol, keeping it from clogging the arteries to the heart and keeping the heart healthier overall.



Ginger:  Good for your stomach, spleen and intestines.  Ginger is extremely good for a good digestion and the burning of calories. Ginger contains a substance called zingibain.  There is no substance on earth that has such powerful protein digest enzymes as zingibain.



Kidney Beans:  Kidney beans are a rich source of fiber, which is extremely helpful in lowering cholesterol. The National Institute of Health discovered a link between high cholesterol levels and kidney disease.




Olives:  An Italian study found that women whose diets included a lot of olive oil had a 30% lower risk of ovarian cancer. The reasons are unclear, but the healthy fats in the oil may help suppress genes predisposed to causing cancer.



There are several more examples such as carrots are good for eye health, figs are good for testicles, etc.

The idea is to eat a variety of foods and you can cover most of your body parts with everything they need to function optimally.

Eat to Live!!