Are You Asking Yourself, “How Do I Lose Weight and KEEP it Off?”

Did You Know that 95% of Diets Fail Because They Are Based On A Totally False Standard of Success…the Scale?

How About Trying a Program that Has a 95% Success Rate,
Will Help you You to Lose Fat, ReShape Your Body
AND Provides All the Guidance, Support, and Encouragement
You Need to be Successful

Are you ready NOW to take Action to
Regain Your Health and ReShape Your Body….for Good?

I’ve Helped 100’s of People and I Can Help You!

do it yourself weight loss

Most programs focus solely on the number on the scale.  The problem with this is that if this is your ONLY measurement of success you will gain it all back again…and more after your “diet” is finished.  Losing weight is important and WILL happen IF your program is focused on all 3 aspects of a successful “fat loss and body reshaping” program.

The 3 components of a successful  program that helps you lose fat, regain your health and reshape your body are:

1.  Nutrient Dense Meals so you are not left hungry
2.  Incredible community support and
3.  Someone who can walk you through the process.

Our goal at Total Health Method is to help you once and for all Lose Fat and ReShape your Body by helping you totally ReDesign your life, your habits (lifestyle) and the way you see yourself so that you will live in optimum health & vitality.


Let’s get YOU healthy & at the PERFECT Weight for you
Quickly, Safely and without any B.S. (Bogus Secrets).
We have our own B.S.: the Best Strategies to
Get Healthy &W8 Loss & W8 Management.

Other’s Stories:
I have been interacting with Angela on a daily basis for one and a half years now.  She has been instrumental in having me achieve my goals of health, fitness and weight loss.  Angela is highly encouraging, an educator at heart and empowering.  She is an excellent mentor who leads not only by words buy by example.  I lost 85 pounds and 60 inches in only 13 months!
Normay W.
I met Angela when I was recovering from a transplant and had decided to follow up with more exercise.  Within 3 months, with Angela’s help, I was feeling much healthier and stronger.  The support she gave me was wonderful!  Her knowledge was superb.
Debbie S.
Angela is a consummate professional; incredibly talented and bright. She instills the confidence that is often required in taking the steps necessary to improve overall health. It is by the grace of God that in my daughter’s search for a nutritional consultant and personal trainer, she found someone as wonderful and knowledgeable as Angela. I too was at a point in my life that I knew I needed to make changes to improve my overall health and in support of my daughter and for my own benefit, I joined with her.
Angela embodies positive change and listens to your needs. She provides consistent positive feedback, encouragement, and unrelenting patience. She has taught us that yo-yo dieting is not the answer. People have often said to me over the past few months, “how do you diet and not cheat” and I always say the same thing: I am not dieting; Angela has taught us how to eat healthy and exercise regularly to sustain overall healthy choices for a lifetime.
I feel so much healthier and am back to a weight that I love! I strongly encourage anyone who truly wants to make permanent positive changes to your overall health, to contact Angela Sladen – Total Health Method.
Durenda T.

corporate-healthThe BEST Strategies for guaranteed success to Get YOU Healthy & to Lose Weight & Keep it Off with Incredible Community Support and Guidance!
Can It Be Done?
YES…But How Badly Do You Want It?

Don’t Wait…LET’S GET STARTED…Contact Me TODAY!

Before and Afters:

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Value:  A Lifetime of Health

Your Optimum Health starts here.
No more excuses…ever.

Cut the B.S. & you will cut the fat and get healthy.
Promise yourself to be better, eat better, move your body, get stronger…

We can provide you with the strategies, tools and motivation but the discipline is in you.
You can’t get it from anywhere else.

Whether you live locally or elsewhere, we can work together.

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