You know you’re gonna do it anyway, might as well enjoy it.

I think the stress of worrying about how much weight you are going to gain over Christmas has more of an impact on your health than the actually cookies and extra glass of wine…or two.

This is not to say that we should let go of all self-control every day in December.  Rather, it means that the days you do choose to let go and indulge in all the yummy treats, you let go..really let go.  Your body has a built-in regulator that warns you not to eat to excess anyway – you know that sick sugar feeling you get when you have sugar overload?

We know that one teaspoon of sugar depresses our immune system for six hours, however, six teaspoons of sugar does not depress our immune system for thirty-six hours.  So I say, if you are going to fill up on sugar, do it all at once, not a little everyday.

christmas-eatingPick an couple hour time frame, three to four times in December, to forget about the diet and gaining weight, and eat and drink to your heart’s content – responsibly of course – no drinking and driving.

For some reason we’ve come to believe that a little everyday won’t hurt us, but the truth is it is the little everyday that does hurt us.  The continual blood sugar spikes and dives cause all sorts of health issues and is one of the biggest contributors to chronic health issues.  It is better, if I can call it that, to load up on the sugar all at once (a couple different times) rather than space it “responsibly” throughout the season.

I know this all sounds rather unconventional for a Nutritionist to tell you fill up on sugar, but I am not your conventional Nutritionist.  🙂

Plus, you’ll think of me in January.

Merry Christmas, my friends.

You are muchly appreciated…

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