Your best weapon against illness and disease is first and foremost your food. If you understand and are aware of your own nutritional foundation – where you are right now – you have a place to start from and then can easily build a road map to get you where you want to be.

Did you know that…

  • Nutrition accounts for 80% of your success for losing weight and maintaining a healthy weight.
  • Nutrition account for 90% of your success as an athlete.
  • All the leading causes of death – cancer, heart disease, lower respiratory disease, stroke, alzheimers, diabetes, pneumonia, nephritis, nephrotic syndrome, and nephrosis – are all related to poor nutrition and the road to recovery is through excellent nutrition.

The first place to start is to gain an understanding of where you are right now through a Personalized Nutritional Analysis.

The first thing we do is a phone consultation so I can custom-make your personalized solution to permanent weight loss, optimized athletic performance and a plan to help prevent and help cure illness and disease.  After this important first step I:

nutrition1.  Provide you with a phone app that you have access to with the personalized code I will send you.  You will use this phone app to record all your food and liquid intake.  During the week you do not change anything you normally eat or drink.  Changes will be added to the app after the Nutritional Analysis.  From this app you can:
– email me with any questions
– sync it with your computer
– record all your food and liquid intake daily
– see how many calories you are consuming
– record your exercise
– see your fat, protein and carbohydrate intake
– keep track of your goals
– download the menus I provide
– create a grocery list from the menu

nutrition2.  Perform a nutritional analysis (based on the information you provide me through the app) to determine your present nutritional standing – how many nutrients you are taking in and at what levels.

3.  Send you a report with your present vitamin and mineral levels (Nutritional Analysis) along with a Vitamin/Mineral Chart that provides:
– A list of all the vitamin and minerals
– The health benefits of every vitamin and mineral
– The symptoms of deficiency of every vitamin and mineral
– The foods that contain that specific vitamin or mineral

4.  Send you my list of recommendations to repair your vitamin and mineral deficiencies, lose weight permanently, maximize athletic performance and avoid illness and disease.  This plan will include food, herb, and supplement recommendations.

5.  Provide a supper menu with grocery list that matches your health goals.

The investment in your health for the Nutritional Analysis is
$120 CAN and
includes all the above.  

The ongoing investment into your health for monthly monitoring is $40 CAN/month (you can cancel at anytime).

CONTACT ME TODAY to BOOK YOUR NUTRITIONAL ANALYSIS and begin your journey to a healthy weight, optimized athletic performance and prevention of illness & disease.  

Every body deserves excellent health and every cell in your body benefits greatly from excellent nutrition.  

I look forward to serving you by helping you live a drug-free and vibrantly healthy & happy life!