This has to be said…over and over and over again.  Say “NO” to skinny!  Say “NO” to skinny for yourself, your daughters, your sons, your nieces, your nephews, your sisters and your girlfriends.


Say “NO” to skinny to the media by choosing not to read or watch information that supports or promotes the  skinny culture through its advertisements, articles or shows.

Say “NO” to skinny to the clothing stores that advertise waif looking people in their advertisements and mannequins or only carry sizes 0 – 6.

Why?  Because the “skinny” culture is killing people.  It is leading people way down the wrong path regarding what is healthy and acceptable.  It is destroying our children’s self-esteem and self-worth.  It is destroying relationships because one of the partners believes that the ideal person looks like the pictures in the magazines and are not happy until they find that person.

Why is it that there can never seem to be a happy medium?  The obesity epidemic is killing people and so is the skinny culture.  What is wrong with healthy?

skinnySay “YES” to healthy…for you, for your kids, for your friends, for your family.

Say “YES” to healthy by loving yourself enough to take proper care of your health so you can stick around for a long time for those who need and love you.  If you are not sure how to go about gaining health and, if necessary, losing weight, get help from someone who does know.  It will cost a bit of money but if you lose your health you will lose a lot more than a bit of money.

Say “YES” to healthy by loving your kids enough to tell them “NO” when they ask for candy, cookies, fast food and junk food and offer them healthy alternatives instead.  If they are used to getting their own way and won’t eat it…just wait, they will eventually when it is the only option.

I invite you to say “YES” to healthy by joining us as we “Transform a Nation”, one person at a time, with our online Health-Gain/Weight Loss Program that is getting rave reviews from people of all shapes and sizes across North America.

Come…Join Us Today and start saying “YES” to healthy and
“NO” to skinny.



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