Learn how your genes can affect

Recovery — Injury risk — Motivation

Metabolism — Mental focus — Eating habits

Pain tolerance — Aerobic capacity — Food intolerances

Body composition — Nutrient requirements — Exercise performance

Research shows that the nutritional status of both women and men can impact fertility. We also know that specific variations in our genes can explain why some of us respond differently from others to the same foods, beverages and supplements we consume.

The answer may be in your genes

‘Eat for My DNA’ Consulting

with Angela

– Certified Nutritionist,
Holistic Cancer Practitioner,
Certified Essential Oil Coach, &
Women’s Hormone Specialist

I can show you how to work WITH your body, instead of AGAINST it to help you:
– Lose Weight
– Gain Health &
– Fight Dis-ease & Illness

“Nothing compares to the ‘flow’ of working ‘with’ your body for optimal health and performance.”

Angela - Total Health Method

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