Let’s Have a Heart to Heart

Let's talk about heart disease - the number 1 killer of women.  Most women fear breast cancer more than heart disease but in comparison to the number of deaths of heart disease to breast cancer, we need to be far more vigilant and proactive about avoiding heart...

The Root of Chronic Conditions

Is it possible that there could be one solution to the majority of all known chronic health conditions?  I'm in good company with a high number of medical professionals who believe so.  The culprit is inflammation.  It's been said that dis-ease cannot survive in an...

Doctrine of Signatures

You are amazingly connected to every plant! How, you ask?  Well, every plant has 'signatures' that communicate it's health benefits to us. Before we jump into that, let me share the story of 'the doctrine, or law, of signatures', also known as 'the language of plants'...



Although it is best to get your vitamins in the food you eat, unfortunately, they are not as available as they used to be.  Our soil is depleted of minerals and vitamins due to toxic fertilizers.  Our water is polluted and full of fluoride.  We need to add vitamins to...

Bounce Your Toxins Away!

Bounce Your Toxins Away!

The best exercise to do is the one you will do.  Rebounding is fun, fast and creates incredible health benefits. I've been using my rebounder for over 22 years.  I started when I could not lose my 'baby fat' after baby number 5 when I was 30.  Seven months after Levi...


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