You are amazingly connected to every plant! How, you ask?  Well, every plant has ‘signatures’ that communicate it’s health benefits to us.

Before we jump into that, let me share the story of ‘the doctrine, or law, of signatures’, also known as ‘the language of plants’ with you.

Ancient people who took an interest in the human body and health did not have pharmaceuticals.  They relied solely on plants.  The word pharmacy is derived from the word farmacia – plants from the ‘farm’, basically.  Because there was not a cupboard full of man-made drugs, ancient doctors studied plants to try to determine the medicine in each one of them.  What they discovered was very fascinating – every plant has within in itself something that tells us how they aid us in our health.  It could be its color, shape, smell, taste, texture, where it grows, or how long it grows, etc.  At the time, this knowledge was considered witchcraft and many of the individuals who understood the magic of creation and used it to help heal others, were persecuted, and often even killed.  Others took this information underground.  It is only within the last couple of decades that the doctrine of signatures has really made a comeback and has gained more recognition, especially with the move toward more natural forms of medicine and alternative healing options.

Here are some examples of the signatures in plants and their respective aid to the human body.

Your momma was right!  Eat lots of veggies and fruits (mostly veggies) to stay, or get, healthy.  Creation far beats any man-made medicine and dis-ease prevention is far better than fighting dis-ease.  

How many veggies do I have to eat in a day, you ask?  Here is a good suggestion to ensure your body receives plenty of nutrients every day – every day, fill a freezer-size ziplock baggie full of as many different kinds of chopped-up organic veggies as you can find.  Eat the contents of that bag every day.  You will find that eating that many veggies in a day will also help you with any weight-loss goals you may have as the fibre will help fill you up and keep you feeling full.  

Since we are talking about weight loss now, one of the reasons we overeat is that we do not take in enough nutrients every day and our body keeps looking for what it needs.  So, if we give it lots of nutrients, our cravings are reduced.  

Ready to get healthy and slim and trim?  Where’s that zip-lock bag?  🙂 

To your health!

Certified Nutrition Consultant

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