Feeling tired or fatigued sucks and literally drains the life out of you.  We’ve all experienced that feeling of brain fog (there’s a real medical reason for it!), a heavy or thick feeling head, and sore eyelids.  We automatically think we are tired because we are not getting enough sleep but if you ask someone who is sick or depressed and lays in bed a lot of the time, not enough rest is only 1 of many reasons why you feel tired or fatigued.  First, let’s look at a few reasons why you may feel fatigued.

The only type of fatigue to be really concerned about is cumulative and/or chronic fatigue.  Cumulative fatigue can lead to chronic fatigue.  We’ve probably all experienced the other types of fatigue or being tired and given enough recovery time, we are fine.  Let’s focus on how to manage cumulative and chronic fatigue.  There are several things you can do to combat fatigue. Here are your best defences against fatigue.

  • Get a good sleep and go to bed and get up at the same time as much as possible.  Have the darkest room possible, a quiet space, a cool room, a comfortable bed, and a pillow with good support.  Turn off all blue light devices for at least 30 minutes before you shut your eyes.  Blue light stimulates the brain in such a way that it does not turn off for at least 30 minutes after use.
  • Take a quality mineral and vitamin supplement.  The following deficiencies are tied to fatigue (and the majority of people are deficient in most of them):
  • Take a quality glutathione supplement.  Every cell has an ‘energy’ centre called the mitochondria.  Glutathione is called the master antioxidant because it regulated the mitochondria.  In other words, without adequate gluathione, your cells cannot produce enough energy which translates to being tired and fatigued.  Glutathione also carries oxygen throughout the body and as you know, oxygen brings energy to every cell of your body.  Glutathione is reduced in the body every year so it is imperative to take the best glutathione supplement you can find and this is it https://neumi.com/totalhealth.  (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC8746815/)
  • Eat nutrient-dense foods and the foods that tax your body the least, which are foods that do not cause inflammation in the body.  You can find a grocery list here.  Your body’s cell require the right tools to repair themselves and duplicate.  If you don’t give them the right tools, they will duplicate in an inferior way which means you will become less and less healthy.  Unhealthy people are typically tired and fatigued.  Inflammation keeps your body in a state of alert so it does not rest properly.  Eat well to stay well and well-rested.
  • Drink half your weight in oz. of clean, purified water and if you are active, an additional cup for each hour of activity.  If you are thirsty, you are already dehydrated.  I keep a mug full of herbal tea at my desk all day and take a sip regularly.  I am not a big fan of plain water so that works for me.  Do whatever it takes to get water into your body – coffee, caffeinated teas, pop, etc. do not count toward your daily need for water.  People who do not drink enough water can’t think as well, sleep as well, or perform as well, as though who do.  (https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/26290294/)
  • Stay at a healthy weight.  Some overweight people develop sleep apnea which is very disruptive and often requires a sleep apnea machine throughout the night.  If you follow the above points, your body will release any unnecessary weight without having to go on a ‘diet’ or run on a treadmill for hours a day (neither are good for you, anyway).  When I owned my gym, I had a ‘health-gain’ program instead of a ‘weight-loss’ program and it was very successful.  You can do the same!
  • Move!  Schedule movement into your daytimer or calendar.  You need at least 20 minutes of intentional movement a day.  This may include a fast walk, turning up the music and dancing like you’re a muppet, an exercise video, jumping on the trampoline…whatever makes you happy.  Change it up every day and make it fun.  They say the best workout or exercise to do is the one you’ll do.  :-).  I have a mini-trampoline that I love and you can find all the benefits of jumping on it here.  Use ‘totalhealth’ as the promotion code to save $20 here.  

Here are some more great reasons to move your booty every day.

To your health,


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